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  1. JonathanU macrumors member

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    I've had Mobileme for a while (paid for it twice i think) and never had a problem with it before. I use it for keeping the calendars and contacts on my work PC, iPhone and Macbook Pro at home in sync. I like how it syncs to the computers when i make changes on my phone when i'm out and about.

    Since I upgraded to the latest version though, the dotmacsync client crashes at least once a day and uses c. 65% of my RAM at any given time. I've checked the Apple support boards and Apple haven't responded to any of the queries even though there's a few pages of it.

    - Has anyone else experienced this?
    - have you found a fix?
    - Does Google sync do all the stuff mobileme does now (especially since findmyphone is now free?)


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    Apple doesn't respond to their own message boards as a rule, rarely you'll see someone designated as an Apple employee respond either.

    You didn't mention your PC specs so there isn't much I or anyone on here can say to help. I run the MobileMe sync client on Windows Vista (ala VMWare) to sync my bookmarks and I've not had an issue with it. If you're obsessing over RAM consumption, remember that 65% of your RAM is relative to how much RAM you have. If you're using 512MB or 1GB, RAM is relatively cheap right now and might not be a bad thing to upgrade.... I think most if not all all Macs now ship with 4GB minimum.

    Check out and for deals on RAM. I'm partial to Crucial and Macsales but someone else might chime in on others.
  3. JonathanU thread starter macrumors member

    Jun 3, 2008
    London, UK
    My PC has Windows XP, Office 2007 and 2 gig of ram, which means that dotmacsynclient was using an awful lot of memory for something which really ought to run in the background.

    I've uninstalled it. I'm using google calendar sync (frustrating as it only works with my main outlook calendar) and use itunes to sync my others. It's a clunky approach which is frustrating me a lot, but on the upside, I can actually use my work computer for work, which helps.

    Thanks for your reply though!

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