MobileMe not syncing to MacBook Pro

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    Hi there

    I'm currently having issues syncing my laptop with MobileMe. I have had a fair amount of back and forth with the MobileMe tech support and the long and the short of it is they have suggested I post here or call tech support as the issue seems to be outside their scope.

    The issue appears to be associated with my user account. When attempting to Sync my Mac with MobileMe, System Preferences will sit at the "Getting MobileMe info" stage (Sys Prefs will not go unresponsive); I can still click anything and sign out of MobileMe. However, if this happens, the "Cancel Sync" button stays greyed out until I unregister the computer, sign out, sign in with 'gibberish' account details then sign back in again. Otherwise, it will stay greyed out. When creating and using fast user switching previously, I was able to initiate a Sync in the other account.

    I was directed to the following link and followed the steps; unfortunately I hit an impasse on step 11 on the Address Book issues, as I am unable to re-import the exported Address Book vCards. I followed all of the steps on the iCal issues however this has made no difference. Both of the caches were cleared out when I tried a sync, and it hung in the same way as before. I have now restored the deleted files from my backup so that my contacts are restored, however I'm still no closer to finding out why this issue is happening.

    Is there anything else the good people of the Macrumors Forums can suggest? Your help would be much appreciated on this one!

    Cheers in advance,

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