MobileMe on Amazon- "old version" vs "new version"

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    If you look on Amazon right now, they have 2 different MobileMe products. There is the MobileMe "Old version" and the MobileMe "individual box". The individual box one says pre-order and that it will be released on July 6, 2010.

    I'm pretty sure this new box is in line with the new MM feature rollout from Apple. I think this because I am pretty sure the "old version" product listing on amazon used to say "2009 version" on it because that is when Apple last updated MM features.

    Thing is, the "old version" box is going for $67 and the "individual box" is going for $95.

    Do I understand it correctly though, that the retail box is really just an activation code, and you get the same services from Apple no matter which you buy? Therefore, you would just be throwing away your money to buy the newest one for $95 when you can get the code for $67 with the old version box?

    I've been thinking of picking up MM but don't feel that $100/yr is worth it. $65-70, however, I am more receptive at that price point. However, I don't want to get the old version box for cheaper only to find out that it is limited on some features/benefits, because it is not the most current version box?

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    From what I've read it's just a code. I actually bought the family pack on Ebay and the seller just sent the code to me in advance of shipping the box so I could use it right away (my trial ended today and I needed it prior to Apple renewing it for $149 for the family pack).

    This is the seller I used:

    Looks like he has a single user MobileMe box for $59.99:

    My code was sent within a couple of hours and worked 100%.

    EDIT: Also, I justleft feedback for him so you can see that I did actually buy from him.. same user name "rtkane".
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    das Fort
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    Aug 2, 2010
    Just bought it through that seller. Hopefully he sends me the activation code soon. Thanks for your post!

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