MobileMe only syncs the inbox?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Virgil-TB2, Jul 25, 2008.

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    Aug 3, 2007
    Amoung the many many failures of MobileMe, I believe I have detected another one, which might indicate yet another lie from Apple. :mad:

    Last night I was checking my email on the iPod touch a lot because it was beeping at me and the mail on my computer was off. So I kept checking it each time a new (SPAM) came in and I then decided to check to see if an email I sent off earlier was indeed sent.

    When I switch to the "Sent Mail" folder on the iPod, even though I had *just* checked my mail two second previous, and had also been checking my mail every five minutes for a couple of hours as it was pushed to me... there was nothing in the "Sent mail" box! The iPod quickly synced with MobileMe and downloaded the sent mail (a lot of it), and I was okay with that until I realised that this is again, far from what the service is advertised as.

    Long story short, after extensive checking and testing last night and this morning, it seems that absolutely nothing other than the current email arriving at the server is actually "pushed" to you at all. You may believe based on Apples marketing that your iPod contains a synced set of all your current mail but it clearly does not.

    Apple is kind of fudging it by only syncing your inbox, instead of syncing your entire set of mail. At least for me, and in my testing, nothing is synced except the latest messages arriving in my main inbox. What's really bad about this is I don't even think this is a bug. Apple has set it up to appear to be a synced copy of your mail, but the "intelligence" of the program is deciding in the background what it's going to sync for you and it is definitely not the "full set" of all your mail.

    Here's a thought, why not give us a set of controls over this whole fiasco? Why not let the *user* decide what they want synced or not? :mad:
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    No lies.

    Apple only notes that MobileMe Mail "delivers new messages to your iPhone or iPod touch in seconds and notifies you when they arrive. You'll know in a glance if you have new email, so you don't have to spend time checking."

    The next paragaraph talks about IMAP features but makes no note of "instantaneous" or "push".

    I'm guess this is a battery saving issue, nothing more.
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    Aug 3, 2007
    Well yeah, obviously it's for the battery life, but they definitely give the impression that your email *accounts* are synced, even if the detailed wording covers their ass.

    The whole *point* of IMAP is to replicate the folders and all the mail in the folders.

    It's also arguable that given the syncing takes diff amounts of time depending on what device it's coming from, that a simple full sync of all changes would not only make things easier, but is likely to produce some kind of accuracy as opposed to what we have now.

    It's not like it's rocket science to send a data file that incorporates all the server changes since the last sync.

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