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    Jul 18, 2009
    I have both MobileMe and Google Apps accounts and i need some advice on which one is the best to use with apple and......................let me explain

    One year ago I bought a Sony Vaio and quit using my MB Air and iMac (sold them both). Anyway when I was using the Sony I opened an account with Google and got my own domain (which I like very much) and have been using it ever since I quit using the Sony (last week) and now using a new iMac and new MB Air arriving in a few days time.
    The problem is the google sync doesn't seem to work like the MobileMe sync does and it is stating to aggravate me to the extent that I am considering going back to MobileMe.....but I really like that domain email address.
    So my question is should I go back to MobileMe or just struggle on with the google apps issues that i have, below are the issues;
    1/. Not all the calendars show up on my iPhone
    2/. Contacts are all messed up
    3/. The calendars in iMac have delegates...whats all that about???
    4/. iPhone contacts are tied to MobileMe/exchange/My Mac....very confusing
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    Mar 3, 2008
    I use MobileMe and am very happy with it. I dabbled in using google contacts but decided it wasn't working well enough for me to bother with. I don't know whether to blame RIM, Google, Apple or Mark/Space for the problems I had syncing when I had a BB. All I know is I have no problems at all now that all my data flows through Mobile Me to my iPad, iPhone and Macbook. When I picked up my iPad on 4/3/2010, all my calendar, contacts and email was on the thing before I left the Apple store. The same was true when I got my iPhone in September. Is it possible to get this sort of seamless user experience mixing Apple and Google apps and services? Perhaps but I'm not pursuing this stuff as a hobby and I'm willing to pay a small fee for Apple to simply "make it work." There aren't too many companies in existence that are as good as Apple at making things "just work."

    I also use MoMe to host a few web pages but I'm working to take that stuff elsewhere. If the sync and push email part of MoMe becomes free I might opt to let the hosting part go but I do intend to keep using the parts of MoMe I need as long as Apple is willing to sell or give it to me. For instance, I normally pick up a MoMe renewal at the last minute so I can get a discount. This year, all the shrink wrapped MoMe packages are gone so I went in and added a credit card to my account so it will auto renew in the event Apple announces something a few days before or after my renewal date and I haven't been able to renew I won't experience an interrruption. I'm confident that if it becomes free a few days after I pay my fee, Apple will refund my money.

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