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    The problem, my son forgot his password. Auto logs in email auto connect to email so he forgot his password and we were going to move him to iCloud.
    When he tries to access the self service the birthdate is wrong so it doesn't work as a validation.
    Contacted MobileMe support 3 months ago and no resolution. Had us try the same self service three times and told them each time where the problem is and that we just need to reset the password. Then it goes to the engineers who proceed to ask several questions to confirm even when we opened up the account, etc. after successfully answering and then waiting another week the response is to manually move the email. I told 'Eric' the person I've been working with in this that had nothing to do with the password. He apologized as nfpgineering gave him a response for another account!
    I asked Eric for his managers contact info and he informed me he is authosrized to handle and resolve all issues. I told him I don't care get me your managers contact info. Of course each interaction takes 3-7 days for a response.

    What the heck can I do. At this point I want to just push the issue on principle.
    So incompetent.
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    You might try looking in the Keychain app (in Applications/Utilites) and see if you can find your MobileMe password in there. If he did not overwrite it, it may still be there.

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