MobileMe SPAM blocking ability question.

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    I've been a .mac user for some time (mainly for the online storage and settings backup features). Since the switch to mobileme, I also took advantage of the OTA syncing of my calendars and contacts.

    I'm tempted to try out apple's email setup as well. I use it currently, but only family and my gf have that email address. So far I like it and think the push feature is fantastic.

    In an effort to cut down the number of email address I have to check, I'm thinking of forwarding my gmail address to an alias I'll create on mobileme.

    My gmail address gets lots of spam and thankfully, google's spam filter is fantastic for my needs. I get over 3k spam messages a month and only like 1 or 2 a day make it past their filters.

    What will happen if I forward it to mobileme? Is apple's spam filter sufficient to stop it? If I forward it from google, do they forward every email? Or will they only forward emails that hit the inbox?

    Thanks for taking the time to read.
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    I haven't verified this, but from what I've read:
    The google spam checker appears to run before user filters, but messages are only labeled as spam. User filters can override this. So, if you write a basic mail forwarding rule, all messages will be forwarded, including spam. However, you can just modify your forwarding rule to not apply to messages labeled as spam.​
    Go here for advanced google filter syntax:

    It's not obvious, or documented well, but you put the advanced syntax into the "Has the words" field in the filter.

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