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    Apr 14, 2006
    When my original .mac account ran out, I needed to renew thru MobileMe. I got a message asking me to renew, so I clicked it. Went thru the entire renewal form and then clicked enter. I got a gray screen telling me the credit card was authorizing and not to click back. The screen icon was spinning and I waited a long time. Finally, I tried calling Apple support where I was on hold twice for about 15 min each time. They said call this other number in the morning.

    This morning I get up and start trying to call, after 10 minutes on the phone to the number I was given yesterday I am told I have to go thru "mobileme chat" for support. In the mean time, I check my credit card and find no less than 4 pending charges from mobileme. They have $444 dollars blocked off on my credit card.

    I go to the MobileMe chat and am told to try another credit card. And that the pending charges will eventually drop off.

    It is not worth my time, effort and aggrivation anymore. I give up. They can keep their email account.

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    Apr 14, 2006
    They still havent released the blocked credit on my card. I am really aggrivated because it is my daily use credit card and I need to buy tires this weekend. If I have to put them on another card, then I will not get the benefits this one offers.

    Jesus, how hard should it be?

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