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    Sep 4, 2006
    Something seems to be wrong with my MobileMe syncing. I recently did a hard drive replacement in my MBP due to a failing hard drive. I did a complete mirror of my hard drive and everything is working fine except for MobileMe.
    I am able to sync all MobileMe items except for the Calender. When it gets to Çalendar syncing a window pops up with the following:

    You need to replace your Calendar information on MobileMe

    If this computer has the most current information, click Replace. If the most current information is on another computer, cick Fix Later and replace your information on that computer.

    Obviously my only two options to click are Fix Later and Replace.

    The problem is while I was unable to use my computer I was using my iPhone mostly with the calendar which of course synced to my MobileMe account.
    I don't want to choose Replace since this computer was not used for approximately 2 weeks so is not at all up to date.
    I can choose Fix Later but I never get any other options.
    I simply need to have this computer get the information from MobileMe and place it on this computer since both my iphone and MobileMe is up to date but I never get that option.
    How do I do this (take info from MobileMe and put on this computer)?

    Thank you for your help.
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    Go to System Preferences -> MobileMe. Click the "Sync" tab, and then "Advanced". From there, go to "Reset Sync Data" and choose the option shown in my screen shot here...

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    MobileMe to iCal is suddenly not working for me either. After numerous years of near flawless syncing, it seems to be broken. I have the correct events on my iPad, and sync that to my MacBook, and that doesn't show up on the MacBook. But then, I end up with multiple copies back on the iPad. Annoying.

    And while the above answer of resetting the sync data normally clears up any problems vie had in the past, it didn't make a difference at all. MacBook incorrect, iPad and MobileMe correct. Overwrite MacBook with MobileMe data, and nothing on my MacBook changes at all. But, I get yet another set of duplicate events on my iPad. Very frustrating.
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    Jun 30, 2010
    MobileMe sync issue

    I'm having a similar problem, except three of my computers and mobileMe are getting the data in triplicate...or more...with two iPhones having no issue??(one iPhone is running iOS 40) Frustrating.

    One of the computers is still operating Leopard, while two are on Snow Leopard (one Snow Leopard machine has the most current update)

    Does anyone have a suggestion?

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    Currently, I think Apple is tinkering with all of our data because of the new phone, iPad and server farm... Things have been a little weird lately...


    Usually when things get really screwy it is best to get one device (or, as a last resort) just the way you want it to be (all of your data that is). Then, turn Off sync (and iDisk sync) and sign out of MobileMe on all but the last device - THE PERFECT ONE... (This includes signing out on all other Mac's, Phones, iPads). Now preform a sync to MobileMe then go to MobileMe and make sure things are just as you want them to be.


    The whole idea is to get one device and MobileMe in perfect harmony...

    Now, on that last PERFECT device you will want to Reset your sync services.

    You can do all of this in system prefs / MobileMe / Tabs...

    * NOTE - If you hold down the option key while clicking on the sync arrows in your menu bar there are some options (short cuts) for dealing with sync problems...

    Once you have reset sync services on the PERFECT device, restart your Mac, preform one last sync and again make sure things are good to go on

    Now you can bring in your other devices (Mac's, Phones, iPads) by signing in to MobileMe on each device, one at a time, and setting them back up (automatic sync, manual sync etc...).

    This is all documented on the mobileme help website at:

    I hope this helps... :)

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