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    Hi, i was going to make the switch over from MM to icloud this weekend, but in the process i realized i might have some issues with calendars. Here is what i have: a family pack mobile me account for me and my wife. but we use other emails for apple ids. I would like to use icloud under our other apple id emails since thats where all our itunes purchases are. We also have some very extensive calendars set up on mobile me, shared with the family, etc.

    So it seems if i do the straight conversion, our icloud accounts will be under our accounts. And therefore our calendar info will move there too. Is there a way to export our current calendars and import them into icloud? I tried the ical archive but that just replaces them back to mobile me settings.

    I exported each calendar - would those be importable under icloud?

    Anyone go thru this already? any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    The exported calendars can be imported into iCal in order to be synced back to the new iCloud accounts. Keep in mind that iCloud doesn't offer any sort of family accounts, so each subaccount on the MobileMe account will become it's own iCloud account (couldn't tell if that was what was tripping you up or not).

    In addition, you can add the main iCloud account to iCal only in order to keep calendars synced, and just use the former subaccounts for email and other purposes.


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