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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by tigress666, Oct 11, 2011.

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    Ok, so I'm reading if you have two apple ids you cannot merge them (I have my main apple id that I use for everything except mobileme stuff and my mobileme ID that I got for well, getting mobile me that I mainly use for synching contacts and calendars).

    If I sign on iCloud using the mobileme account, I'm guessing that's how I move my calendars and such? How does that affect my app and music purchases with iCloud since those are on a different ID? I'd really like to just use my different ID as my ID but I'd like to port my contacts and calendars over... is there a way to do so?

    Or is it no big deal to have my music/apps on a separate ID than the rest of the stuff I'd use iCloud for?

    Hopefully this makes sense, it's late and I prolly should go to sleep.
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    You will use your MobileMe ID for iCLoud and your current apple ID for the App store, everything will be as it is now.
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    The mobileme site says there is going to be more info on merging when icloud comes out. No word yet on how this is going to go down.

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