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    Jun 26, 2010
    Hi all-

    After much deliberation, I finally broke down this morning and signed up for a MobileMe trial account. After playing around with it for an hour or so, I decided that it was worth having, but for my wife and daughter as well.

    I found a reseller on Ebay and purchased a boxed family pack. Seller did not email me the code, but will ship me the box.

    When I get the box...what exactly is the upgrade procedure...because I've read conflicting information on a variety of sites (including this forum). Entering the code is straightforward....however, my account shows trial (single user). If I enter the code, will it reflect that my account is part of a family pack? I have this fear that I will enter the code...and it will still show just an annual subscription for myself.

    Plus, there is this info listed in my account:

    Losing the trial period I understand, but the convert to paid subscription is what has me questioning this.

    Maybe I'm just overthinking all of this.

    Many thanks to those who reply.
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    The code converts from trial to paid subscription. Your email will be the primary account. You then add up to four more sub accounts.
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    just log in go to your account and there is a place to enter activation code an it will show a family membership when it goes through.

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