MobileMe vs. Hosted MS Exchange 2007 for calendar/contact syncing with phones

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  1. pacergh macrumors newbie

    Jun 4, 2010
    I have a dilemma. I love MobileMe. I plan on keeping my MobileMe account. However, I cannot get an iPhone.

    That leaves me, Smartphone wise, with the other three: BlackBerry, Android, and PalmOS.

    Here's the dilemma -- how can I sync my contacts and calendars over the air with any of these three?

    There are two options. First, Google. I have a Google account. I use it for email, but not for calendars or contacts.

    Second, MS Exchange. I would need to get hosted Exchange. I could do this. It looks like it will cost me $13 per month ($20 for Blackberry).

    So here's the question: Does Exchange syncing in Snow Leopard work well enough to use Exchange to sync my calendars and contacts over the air?

    I currently own a decommissioned Blackberry. I could get a Palm Pre for cheap. (Plus the free tethering.) And I wouldn't mind the new Android Incredible -- it might make me miss my old iPhone less.

    But the real thing holding me back was the lovely iPhone contact/calendar syncing. So wonderful.

    Any thoughts? Does anyone currently do something like this? I'd hate to have to plug a USB cord in each time to Sync my contacts.
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    Jan 23, 2005
    Just use Google for contact and calendar sync. Both Address Book and Ical apps have built in sync to Google.

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