MobleMe account hacked?

Discussion in 'Apple Music, Apple Pay, iCloud, Apple Services' started by Old Muley, Aug 22, 2011.

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    A few days ago I noticed that my MobleMe e-mail account had stopped forwarding messages to my primary e-mail address. I didn't really give it much thought until this morning when I logged in to MobleMe to turn mail forwarding back on- that's when I discovered the problem. My personal information had all been changed with my new name being "Quang Huy". The account password had not been changed, so I reset it and everything looks OK for the moment. Kinda disturbing to see this though...
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    Maybe a good idea to inform Apple; they might have some kind of audit trail and can verify when and from where it happen. Could give you some indication.
    Did you used your MM from any public PC or public WiFi ?
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    If someone wanted to take over your account surely they would also changes the password?

    And why would than go and change the name and not the password?

    The only role I can see for a hacked account is to get hold of your data or to impersonate you.

    Perhaps it a glitch when someone was setting up a new iCloud email and got allocated yours.

    I would have emailed the guy on his primary e-mail to ask what was going on.

    Of course it could be someone taking the piss because "Quang Huy" was a mediocre computer hacker in the '80's, and a frequent pseudonym used by idiots on the net trying to be cool.
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    Someone hacked my gmail account a while ago, sent all sorts of emails from my address and spoofed my address so I would get tons of spam that looked like it was from me. They didn't change my password and the only way I found out they were in was because of rejected emails from email addressed that seemed to be from China. So it is possible someone got in but didn't change the password. Since then I change the password on all my accounts every couple of months using strong passwords.
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    Same thing happened to my mother, she did have a stupidly easy password though. Luckily Google spotted it and blocked the account until she verified who she was, they have a useful link down the bottom that tells you where your account has been logged on from and a flags up any suspicious activity.

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