Mockups are a waste of time

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Prodo123, Sep 30, 2012.

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    Nov 18, 2010
    This is a rant on mockups.
    As the title may imply.

    These past years, there have been countless mockups on what future Apple products would look like. If you go on the front page today, you'll see a very hackneyed model of the supposed "iPad Mini." Before, it was the new iPad, the iPhone 5, the iPad 2, and whatnot. One after the other, lots of different people made mockups that looked ridiculously similar, incredibly impractical, or, at the very least, absolutely hideous.

    Really. Count how many mockups were featured on MacRumors. One after another after another after another, mockups seem to be a bottomless pit of unoriginal artwork. I mean, look at them! All of this elusive iPad Mini, all looking practically the same. Heck, they're being sold for $13 USD, yet they grab headlines?

    Try it. Search "mockup" on MacRumors news. Just on the front page, you get 6-7 mockups, 5 or so of them for the iPad Mini, which all look identical, and all of them except this one appearing on the front page!

    YES, we know what the iPad Mini will look like, if it even exists. YES, I've seen a render so similar to that before too. NO, I do not need to see it again!

    There's been too many mockup articles on the Front Page lately, and with Apple's product line being relatively small, they're usually all of the same product. Yes, the first and maybe the second mockup is pretty interesting, but after that it just stales. It's boring, uninteresting, cliché. It's no longer the creative work of an artist, it's just following a general trend toward a same answer.

    I think if there should be any more mockup articles on a product, they should be relegated to the Mac/iOS blogs.
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    You do have a choice of whether to read those articles or not. Many others enjoy them and they spur good discussion and speculation on what Apple may or may not do. It's part of what makes MacRumors what it is.
    Mockups are akin to rumors. :)
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