.MOD & Final Cut Pro help, please!

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by macman7002, Apr 30, 2009.

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    Apr 28, 2008
    Thank you for reading, and thanks in advance for help!

    Here is my issue:

    Video was shot on a JVC HDD Camera, and I was able to get the .MODs off the camera and dropped them into a folder on my scratch drive.
    I then download MPEG Streamclip and converted the clips to a .MOV. I tried using them in Final Cut Pro, but then FCP started crashing. So I pulled them into QTPro and exported as .MOVs from QTPro. I pulled them into FCP and FCP no longer crashes, but runs really slow. And sometime there will be a lag between audio and video...only sometimes though.

    So my question is: What am I doing wrong? Could someone who has been able to edit .MOD footage in FCP6 please tell me exactly what they did and how they did it?

    Thanks so much!!!
  2. RatVega macrumors member

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    No, I haven't cut any .mod (no one I work for has that kind of camera) BUT...
    .mod is just repackaged MPEG-2 and should rip easily in Streamclip or DVDxDV Pro or QT Pro.

    When was the last time you repaired preferences, ran your crons, trashed your prefs?

    How full is your scratch drive & what sort of transfer speeds do you see in Activity Monitor?

    Clearly, these are rhetorical questions, and the point is that not everything is an FCP problem. System hygiene counts for a lot, especially in compact systems, like laptops.

    Your comment about the A/V lag that comes and goes is the basis of my comments. It sounds like hardware.
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    First off, what did you edit normally, and what is your system. Because you probably already knew (or not, that's why I say it), but HD editing is pretty extensive, and takes more time, especially on older systems (but that won't be a problem of course with a mac pro). Second, I have always problems with my sound being of sync. The problem is when you import your video from your camera. When your computer isn't fast enough (other programs openend, doing tasks etc but not always older models, my imac G3 imports great) it will get the info but won't keep up. Solution: it just skips some frames. But it will always keep up with the sound, so while the audio is correct the frames are to getting ahead with each frame that is being lost. So restart you mac, and import directly.

    Oh I forgot one thing: those .mod things are files, which you drag to your computer? Just forget what I said, what I said is only for tapes. (I leave it because I dont want to throw my work away :p).

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