Model UN or College Dems Fundraising Ideas

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Kenzembo1, Jun 15, 2009.

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    Hey guys,

    I thought it would be cool to post a thread seeking advice on events and fund raising ideas for 2 college organizations that I'm involved in. First, allow me to offer a quick bio outlining my college background and involvement:

    I'm a senior at Youngstown State University in Youngstown, OH. I study Business Administration and Political Science. I hold offices in 3 student organizations:

    - YSU College Democrats, where I'm President
    - Model United Nations, where I'm Vice President
    - Student Government Association, where I'm Parliamentarian

    YSU is a somewhat large institution being that there is open enrollment, although it is heavily considered to be a "commuter school" with the majority of students apathetic and unwilling to get involved in campus/university affairs. It's unfortunate, because many students are unaware of the benefits associated with joining a student organization.

    My goal is to get as many students on campus involved, and I'm always looking for new and innovative ways to do so. If we can recruit more members, that translates into more money we can gather through fund raisers and in turn can ultimately be used to host more events and even garner speakers to visit campus and talk to the student body (imagine someone like Jon Stewart coming to campus to give a speech and do a bit to rally young democrats or even college republicans, which btw we are working with to sponsor campus events such as the Relay for Life, as well as holding friendly political debates and forums to educate the student body on complex issues like the economy and healthcare).

    Just to give you an idea, some of the events that we did in the past to recruit students and earn funds include:

    - Murder Mystery Party (Model UN)
    - Hosting several student mixers at local bars & restaurants (College Dems)
    - Panel discussions with professors (both MUN and College Dems)
    - Wine Taster (Model UN)
    - Blood Drive Fundraiser (College Dems)
    - Selling t-shirts (both MUN and College Dems)

    Please, if there is anyone in the mac rumors community who is/or has been involved in either organization--the Model UN or the College Democrats, or if you are simply someone with a good imagination, I would appreciate any advice or ideas on ways to spark new membership or creative fund raising ideas to gain some momentum going into the fall semester.

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    "Shave for a Cure", where people who shave their head have collected donations from family and friends who sponsor him/her if he/she goes through with it. However, in your case, instead of raising money to give to charity, you raise money to......uh.......keep? Personally, I wouldn't donate money to such a 'cause', but the world is a funny place. :eek:

    BBQs, although they never raise too much money, to be honest.

    Poker Night at the university. $10 buy-in, participants gamble with fake money (chips), and the winners get prizes that are donated from various businesses in the community. A trivia night would work the same way.

    I believe that at many universities, if you fundraise, the money you raise has to go back into your club (i.e., be spent by the club, for the club). The alternative is fundraising for charity. Usually, you can't just raise money at each event, but with the goal being to build up a larger and larger pot for something massive, like Jon Stewert (using your example). Also, the goal should be attainable within the year. You can't have a fundraiser in order to save money towards a really massive future goal. Otherwise, current members may never see the benefit, and this is an unethical way to run a club, IMO.

    And if it matters, I have been President of 3 different university clubs, one of which I was President for 3 years. ;)

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