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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by TuiSong, Jan 14, 2012.

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    When apple first started going wireless I rushed out and bought airport cards for the compatible computers and got myself an airport express. I couldn't get things working by connecting the express to my cable modem (owned by my ISP) and the only help they offered me was buy a router. So I bought a linksys router and connected up modem >router > express > yay internet!

    Several years later and I am having internet issues again, my router seems to be the problem so I currently have my computer connected directly to the modem and am running the wireless network through internet sharing. This is working fine for all the wireless devices we have so I wasn't too fussed about it.

    First question is, should I have to run a router between modem and express? is this just an obvious thing that no one mentions because it's assumed everyone would know?

    Second issues is: This weekend we bought a home security system and it needs internet connection for me to view the cameras from iPhone or iPad. The problem is that it only has ethernet connection so we need to hook it into a router, which we don't have. I went out to look at routers and they're all wireless and offer varying speeds. Should I get the high end router to run my wireless and retire my apple express? Can I make do with the low end router and keep my computer wired and running on internet sharing instead? Is it possible to share the internet to the home security via the ethernet port on my ATD?

    Should I need a router at all? can I maybe upgrade my apple express? I had been considering an apple extreme. If I get an extreme will I still need to have a router .. so many variables in the set up options that I'm getting confused as to what exactly I do need
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    Both the Apple Airport Express and Airport Extreme are combined routers and wireless access points.
    When your ISP told you to buy a router you already had one in the form of the Airport Express.

    Though the problem with the Airport Express is that it only has a single ethernet port on it, so on it's own it won't really be of any use to the home security system.

    It sounds like the best setup for you would be to have the modem connected to a combination router, wireless access point (WAP) and switch. The Airport Extreme is one such device though there are many other cheaper alternatives available.

    With this setup you would have:-

    modem > Airport Extreme or other combo router+WAP+switch

    The home security system would then be connected to the combo device via an ethernet cable and your other devices would connect to it via WiFi, unless they were close enough to be connected by cable.
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    Hi, thanks for the response. With the original problem of airport not working directly connected to the modem, I have never been able to get it to work despite attempting on and off over the years and following several troubleshooting guides etc. The modem that my ISP provided (and I am not allowed to use my own modem) will for whatever reason fail to work with the airport express. Adding the router in-between did work.

    I don't even know if my router actually needs replacing, the lights all show up as if everything is connected right, just that at the end of the chain my computer won't connect to the net. As soon as I take the router out of the mix, it's all good again. The router they tried to sell me at two shops today had a price tag of $270 which is a huge amount to fork out if it is not going to be the correct fix.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has the same kind of issue that I have with the airport not working if it is connected directly to the modem, without a router between them? My modem must be about 8 years old now, maybe it is just too old to support apple airport and I should be nagging at my ISP to cough up a newer one?

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