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    Jun 16, 2008
    Could someone explain what the bloody hell these things do?

    Most set-up pictures you see don't have a picture of a modem, so are they phased out and included in some routers or something? For my current router, you plug the ethernet cord from one end into the modem, then the other end into the router.

    But again, most pics don't show these.

    Are they old tech? What's the use? What's a good one?
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    modems is what converts the cable cord into ethernet so you can use your internet.
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    Jun 16, 2008
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    Jun 23, 2008
    Dial-up is fantastic! Get a good dial up modem and you'll be good to go in 2002. :D

    Modems are a dying breed and old tech. According to wiki:
    74% modem use in 2000
    63% modem use in 2003
    36% modem use in 2006

    Have to imagine it's now under 20%

    DSL modems are fast and current-gen tech, but the term "modem" is synonymous with dial-up. Whether or not you need a DSL modem depends on your provider.
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    Every time you don't look at Wikipedia for an explanation about <whatever> the Queen Spider kills a kitten.
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    Short of getting satellite, no.

    EDIT: Wait, first this thread, now this one, have we entered a time warp back to 1998 or something?

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