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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by dukebound85, Sep 26, 2012.

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    I feel it would be in the best interest in the forum if moderators did not participate in PRSI threads.

    Too many times, I have seen a moderator post and then resort to behavior that shouldn't be demonstrated by a mod as they partake in arguments with other forum members in a childlike fashion at times.

    Seems quite unbefitting of the job description and I feel it can lead to bad blood between mods and forum participants and possible biased opinions of members after "personal" arguments.
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    Moderators are forum members first and site volunteers second. They can participate in any forum they like. The moderators have in fact been told by members that they are expected to participate, and that members would like to see more of them in the forums.

    As forum members, they will have strong opinions on PRSI issues, just like anyone else.

    If you feel a post by any member has broken a rule, report it. If you have an issue you would like a response to, send a contact message.
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    FWIW, many of us tend to invoke "MOD VOICE" when we are speaking in public about moderation issues. e.g. I tend to prepend "MOD NOTE:" to such posts. If it doesn't say mod note, I'm speaking for myself.

    You think that's limited to PRSI? Just let one of us get involved in an emacs vs. vi argument. :p Seriously, we take enough bad blood and negative reactions in all other parts of the forum, why should PRSI be any different?

    Just like our users at large hold a diverse opinion on many topics, the same holds true within the moderator ranks. We don't always agree on moderation issues, choice of mobile OS, or politics.

    Finally, we do not tend to moderate threads we are involved or otherwise invested in, particularly in PRSI. There are many other reasons we recuse ourselves from particular instances of moderation.

    In those cases, we will act like any other user and report what we see as inappropriate for other mods to deal with. The only difference being we can see what the other mods are thinking and doing, and can continue to influence that decision.


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