Modify your old nano Lanyard for 3rd Gen.

Discussion in 'iPod' started by CHAOS STEP, Sep 29, 2007.

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    Nov 2, 2005
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    Ok, so I sold my old nano and picked up one of the new ones ... and after taking back 2 units, my 3rd had no dead pixels. ;)

    I noted that I still had my old lanyard and that (obviously) it wasn't going to fit.

    Sooo I decided to mod my existing one.

    1) Disassemble the docking area -

    First you detach the outer shell of the connector by prying the side a little and sliding a small blade or flat-head watch screwdriver and prying the assembly open.

    The assembly uses mastick type glue to hold the components and a clip-locking segment opposite the audio plug.

    You can pry it all off with some brute force without worrying so much about the clip, but you must take care of not marking the plastic with whatever you are using to pry it open with.


    2) Removing the metal in the dock connector -

    If you skip (1) you will have to take care cutting and filing and will have some problems as there is a metal clip to lock the old connector to your old nano.

    Once you have dismantled the unit, you will note that the metal clip is stayed by 2 plastic lugs, you can pry away the plastic heads so that the clip is not held in and then you depress the locking heads on the dock connector (like a nano is being plugged in), this will enable the metal assemble to be pulled free from the plastic and detached.

    3) Cutting away excess plastic.

    Ok so the main problem with the incompatability is that the connector is misaligned, so you will have to cut away at both ends, so that it fits into the new nano - you should see how much needs to be cut by lining up your new nano.

    I started cuts with a stanley blade then used a bare small hacksaw blade to cut (one direction only) down and across until the connector is now small enough to fit the new nano.

    Take car to clean the left over plastic connector as you do not want stray burrs stopping clean connection and foiling the connector on your new nano.

    You could possibly cut the entire connector off because the modification removes the locking ability anyway, but i chose to keep a segment so that my nano is steadied and more stable.


    4) Allowing space for the hold button -

    You will note that the hold button stops a flush fit, so you will have to file down the end opposite the audio plug with say a nail file (a new clean one with a very fine grade).

    With a small amount of filing (not a lot is needed) the device should fit fairly flushly, however it will not be perfect.

    5) Clean up and re-assembly -

    Clean all components of plastic dust and cuttings etc as any residue will interfere with the connection.

    When you put the assembly back together, you may need glue to stop it coming apart when you detach the lanyard after use - use super glue or a god plastic glue to keep the assembly together permanently.

    Ok, so it should be good to go now, I really can't see how the nano can become detached without you intending it to, but it makes sense not to hurl it around.

    The connection will not be as flush and even sided as the fit on the old nano.

    But anyway, I think it looks and works fine, now all I need to do is import video content that is flipped so that other people can watch what I am listening to!! :)



    Please note that post describes my modification of the old lanyard, if you attempt it and damage the lanyard, iPod or yourself in the process or subsequently I accept no liability.

    Modification of the lanyard assembly may increase the likelihood of the nano detaching, again you are forewarned and I accept no liability.
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    Jun 16, 2007
    nice mod, but will the lanyard hold the ipod nano, 3rd gen?
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    Nov 2, 2005
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    It holds the nano just fine, i just put the disclaimer there in case someone swings the lanyard violently around like a lasso for two hours and manages to get it loose.

    Actually if you did swing it around for like a lasso for hours it still wouldn't come loose.

    The audio plug connection is tighter than a gnats chuff!
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    Tom B.

    Mar 22, 2006
    Or, you could just use a 1st gen nano lanyard, without modifying it at all:

    (Not me in the picture)

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