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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by mdbradigan, Feb 28, 2018.

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    Looking at the drawing, this will not work in any current Mac laptop - it actually looks like it is more for a desktop. The pointer 514 points to a power connector which I have never heard of in a laptop. 516 is pointing to dip switches - also not found on laptops that I know of. The 518 is a connector for a ribbon cable.

    With Mac laptops getting thinner and thinner, this device would never go into any Mac laptop
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    Yes, the drawing shows a standard (laptop-size) SATA 2.5-inch drive, something that Apple has not used in new laptops for several years - not since the retina models in 2012.
    (516 and 518 are standard SATA connectors, and 514 is an ordinary jumper area, not often found on a laptop drives, for special setups)
    That drive would both be too thick, and would need SATA connectors, plus space for the drive itself, probably needing too much space on any MBPro sold right now. Not likely in this day of "Thin is everything"
    ALTHOUGH, the capability to add a large amount of internal storage (2 to 4 TB would be nice), in addition to the internal SSD, would be something nice to have. It would need a fairly large space to allow easy replacement.

    And, that drawing is only one of 26 figures listed in the patent - which was submitted in April 2013. There's LOTS of other information in the patent, and all drawings are simply representative of the descriptions in the patent, which covers a variety of mounting methods to better protect a storage device, make the mount more stable, or aid the replacement of a storage device.
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    To get this revolutionary technology just buy a pre 2012 model;)

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