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    May 22, 2011
    Does anyone here use MOG? I had the trial and downloaded a lot of songs during the trial. The 7 day trial is over but I can still access the songs inside the MOG app by turning off cellular data and using the app in offline mode. My issue is I would like to be able to play them through the iPod app on my phone and to create playlists etc with the music I already have. I believe I have found where they are stored on the phone using ifile and accessing the Library / cache / trackcache but I'm not sure what to do at this point. I'm in no way an expert at computer stuff or hacking but I think it should be possible to move the songs using ifile right? I'm just not sure where to put them or what to do from here....

    I know someone is going to say just pay for the service but even if u pay $10 a month it would be nice to be able to access the songs through your iPod...
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    I've used MOG for a couple of months. I had used Rhapsody but the bitrate (320 kbps) for MOG is higher and the song selection seems about as good--and it is cheaper. I don't need the IOS service so I get the $5 plan. I like to check out all the new releases on Tuesday--and going through the editor pics is also a good way to find new music. I save the albums I like to my favorites to go back and listen to later. They also have a channel on Roku that I use when I want to listen in my theater room--or I can pipe it from my computer to ATV via Airfoil. For me it is certainly worth the small monthly fee.:)
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    May 22, 2011

    I use MOG and love it! I agree it's an adjustment to think of paying for something you dont keep, but honestly, Netflix seems to be doing just fine on that business model.

    I'm a but confused with you trying to get the music on your iPod. Do you not have an iPod touch, iPhone, or android? If so I guess that makes sense. I use MOG on my computer, iPhone, iPad, and even got an iPod touch (used older gen) just to use MOG on my motorcycle (I Velcro the iPod to the tank and plug into speakers, didn't feel safe doing that with an iPhone.)

    Anyways, I know it's not the answer your looking for but I think it's a pretty cool system they have going, and not bad for $10/ month. Thats like 2 beers at a bar, and I bet ya wouldn't think twice about dropping that, at least I wouldn't.

    Well, if ya want, it looks like they're doing another promotional giveaway for the service. They actually give you a 30 day trial, with no credit card required. I think you'd need to start a new account tho rather than activating the one you have. Here's the URL

    Best of Luck!

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