Mojave and Codeweaver's Crossover app


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Oct 27, 2012
I apologize for posting this outside the "Apps that work under Mojave" thread, but I need answer because my trial version of Crossover is up in a few days and I was afraid the question would get lost in that lengthy thread. I have tried three times to get the install of Mojave to work - it does install but works too slowly, the bluetooth keyboard and mouse are hit and miss, the wifi never works and my two external drives are never seen. Apple support suggested waiting till the 10.14.1 update (whenever that is coming) to try again.
I see from the "apps that work list" that Codeweaver's Crossover is listed. Does that mean that an old Windows app (Lotus Approach) which I have gotten to work under HS will also work when I upgrade to Mojave? Thanks.


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Feb 17, 2008
Fort Worth, Texas
All I can relate to you is that CrossOver 17.5.1 64 bit works fine under Mojave. That's the latest version of CrossOver available. As far as CrossOver running certain apps such as "Lotus Approach" under Mojave.... as long as it ran okay under High Sierra, it should continue to work with Mojave. Instead of paying for CrossOver, have you tried running Lotus Approach with one of the WINE apps? CrossOver after all is just an automated sophisticated version of WINE.
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