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Apr 24, 2009
Hey all, I'm curious if anyone else has seen this bug with Image Capture. I have lots of photos stored on my iOS devices - some are saved Safari images that go to one folder, and others are pictures that I've taken that are destined for Photos.

In High Sierra and below, I'd use Image Capture, highlight the photos I wanted to select, drag them to a folder in Finder, and then delete them; then I select the next group and drop them into a folder, and so on until I was left with the pictures for Photos, which I would then import using Photos itself.

The problem I'm facing is, I can no longer drag individual photos out of Image Capture, and all I can do is import everything at a time. Has anyone else encountered this? This is adding hours to my workflow...
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Mar 28, 2019
My problem is that I cannot select several images in Image Capture by clicking on the first, holding the shift key, then selecting the last I want to select. This works in list view, but not if I view the images as a matrix.

Does anybody have a solution to this problem? Thx!


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Sep 2, 2013
North Vancouver
do you have the same issue in Preview?

Just tried it with my iPhone connected to Mac (Mojave) and it seems to work in Preview - File < Import from "Name of Phone"
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