Moment Pro Camera App for iOS Gains Zebra Striping for Displaying Over and Underexposed Areas

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    Moment, the company behind the popular Moment lenses, today updated its Moment Pro Camera app for iOS devices, adding new features and a new pricing structure.

    For those unfamiliar with Moment Pro Camera, it's an iOS app that was designed to work with the Moment line of lenses, but those lenses are not required to access the features. The app also works on a standalone basis, offering up full manual photography tools along with other features to improve your iPhone images.


    The updated Moment Pro Camera app features a new Zebra Stripes option, which is designed to let you see a visual representation of areas that are either under or overexposed so that you can adjust your camera settings. In areas that need adjustment, you'll see stripes in the viewfinder.

    Focus Peaking has also been added to adjust the focus in photo or video mode. When using manual focus, sharp edges in the viewfinder will be highlighted.

    On iOS, the pricing on the Moment Pro Camera app is changing from freemium to paid. Previously, you could unlock pro tools within Moment through an in-app purchase, but now the app will require an upfront purchase.

    Moment is now available from the App Store for $5.99, and to celebrate the launch of the updated app, Moment is offering 15 percent off all of its lenses and gear. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Moment Pro Camera App for iOS Gains Zebra Striping for Displaying Over and Underexposed Areas
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    Good app especially if you have the lenses (I have the wide and anamorphic). I'm glad I got it when it was free, though, because I'm not sure I'd pay that much if I didn't own the lenses due to comparative apps that are less or free.
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    Interesting; so if you've downloaded the app before but didn't unlock the tools, it seems like they are unlocked now (or is that a trial)?
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    The kids at Moment are doing wonderful things. Very happy with my Moment gear as well as the app.
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    Couple questions for you, if you don't mind.

    How do the photos look when shot through your Anamorphic, and which lens do you mount to, the wide or telephoto (Assuming you have a Plus or X-series iPhone)?

    Does your Anamorphic mount level, or did you have to over-torque the mounting hole in order to get it to sit level? I've had two lenses and now two cases, and until I over-torqued the mounting hole (using the Wide lens) to push the stops back a bit, my lens refused to sit level with the side of the case.

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