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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Techhie, Feb 19, 2009.

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    A few months ago I bought my unibody MBP (2.4 GHz) from Best Buy for around $2100. Before long, I noticed that there were several issues with it, and I took it back to be replaced in the 14 day period. On my second one for about 2 1/2 months now, for the past month I've been having freezing/kernel panic problems, all of which are NOT being logged. Went to BB last week to get exchange, told that I'll have to wait for 3-4 weeks for a repair. This is my primary work computer, and I can't go anywhere near that long without it. They told me to buy another one while I wait and I'll get the money back when it's done, but I'm not made of money to do stuff like that! As of the past week, issues have gotten worse, and this happened today:

    I can't really even explain it, so it's best you just watch the video. I am going to ask Apple for my money back, and hopefully they will give it to me. I might go with a last gen. MBP instead. Any advice? Need immediate help!
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    im sorry to hear of your issues..

    i would go straight to apple. your 12 month warranty is with apple inc. not with bestbuy so go to a store or call em and get a replacement/fix.
    do get apple care as well. i think its worth it because things can go wrong..

    "buy another while you wait" do people do that?! pfft.

    i bought a penryn MBP recently and really love it. its silver :)
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    I'd take it to an Apple store, or an Apple reseller (but not BB) and get it fixed. It may take BB 3 weeks to sort this out, but not Apple or a proper reseller.
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    If you have an Apple store close to where you live, then yes that is way better than BB and they should replace it for you if they cannot fix it within a reasonable time for you or a reasonable cost to them :)
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    apple software update FTW, make sure you have all the efi firmware updates, and os updates, alot of these problems are due to the fact that they havent installed any of the updates, 75% of these problems everyone is having i bet they dont have the EFI and firmware updates.
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    i wish folks would invest in a tripod. those vids drive me nuts
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    Don't need a trip pod, just hold it still and sloowwwwww down
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    i bought my mac from bestbuy, although i do wok there lol, i bought the service plan with it and with that you just gotta take it to an apple certified tech and bring along your receipt if you have service, and theyll fix it. My repair took bout 5 days.

    EDIT: if you complain a lot they might just give you a new one. My buddys bro went to complain cause one of his letters on the keyboard popped up and he just kept going at them and after bout 35 minutes they gave him a whole new MBP and he was way out of they 14 day period. I think he was around his third month already.

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