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Money on cases >> Insurance


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May 17, 2006
Sydney, Australia
I've seen people spend so much money on protective cases, skins, covers and all sorts of accessories for their iPhones.

The main reason often cited is to 'protect my investment'. So their iPhone is covered in an unsightly plastic wrap to protect it from the world.

Instead of spending the money on these accessories, why not spend it on insurance? That way, you can keep your iPhone free and naked as God (Jobs) intended. Should you drop it or lose it, simply go and get a replacement.

Most of us replace our phones every 1-2 years so it's not really an investment, so what if it has a little scratch by the end of it's lifespan? Are people really that OCD?

The other reason people don't want any scratches at all is that lowers resale value. Ok so you might lose $50 off resale if your clumsy and scratch up your phone, but in the mean time you've spent $150 on different cases and skins. So essentially you're even further behind in cash, AND you haven't been able to enjoy the iPhone as intended.

If you really need to spend your money to protect your 'investment', why not just spend it on insurance.

Personally I don't buy insurance and nor do I buy cases.

Am I missing something here?


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May 14, 2008
I do both. I purchase cases and have insurance. The next iPhone I will NOT be purchasing cases and will be sticking with insurance only.

Mr Hill

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Apr 28, 2012
Charlotte, NC
I don't buy insurance (if I break it then I'll fix the screen myself for cheaper).

I like the form factor of the phone but I use the bumper case just in case I drop it one day. Can't stand Otterboxes or any of those other huge cases that cover up the whole phone.


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Feb 4, 2008
I have done the insurance route and the case route. I have no issues with those who purchase cases, skins and screen protectors. Some of us are hard on our phones... um "wife" and the insurance would not cover as many breaks that her phone would encounter if left naked. As for me, I love the design of the iphone and enjoy it naked but I put on a case from time to time to change things up. The rational of what makes more sense spending ones money is frivolous. People work hard for their money and have every right to spend it on what they want.

The sad thing is that us consumers will often spend more on accessories than what we paid for the phone. But accessories is what makes an already beautiful phone ones own. Some purchase cases for style, others for much needed protection. A few such as myself are willing to go naked for periods of time just to enjoy a sleek thin and fragile design.


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Mar 2, 2010
I personally choose buying cases more for style than I do for protection. I've gone naked lots of times, and I still do take off my case and use it naked for weeks... But I find the phone is extremely uncomfortable to hold. The 3G/3Gs felt amazing in your hand, and the iPhone 4/4s just does not feel the same way. My iPhone 4 also has the "death grip" issue at my house (Once I go outside it seems to go away) but if I don't have a case on, I'll end up dropping a ton of calls.

In a household where we all have iPhone's, a case also helps distinguish who's iPhone belongs to who.


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Apr 25, 2012
I wear screen protectors just because I don't like permanent scratches.
If you find some on screen protector - you replace it and you have it brand new.
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