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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by AVI-ender, May 7, 2009.

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    May 7, 2009
    1. You have to break $250 a month to collect the 70% royalty? and if you dont hit that mark in say May, it rolls over to let you try and hit the $250 the next month?

    2. It seems like a pain to register as a company, were willing to go the route but is it worth the supposed delays not only from registering a company but also dealing with apple? It seems like "company" registration takes longer and is scrutinized more...

    If you have any thoughts or stories on dealing with the income from apple please feel free to share. :) I was following a thread about stop-payments, delays, etc and it was a bit discouraging :confused:
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    Yes. But it's not $250, it's $250 per region, and it's your share not sales. So if you sell $250 in a single region you won't get a payout as your share is only 70% of that $250 and if your share in one region is $240 and in another region is $245 you still won't get paid as neither region was above $250, despite your total being above.
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    (sorry if this is double posted, I dont see my reply at all)

    Sorry I'm still a bit lost... haha...

    Hypothetical: I release an app for .99 and it hits 1000 downloads first month in one region.

    That's about $1000 for the month. From what I understood I'd be making $700 of that and apple $300. Where does the $250 come in to play?

    If you can link to the policy that would help a lot. :)
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    Let's say you sold 1,000 copies in the USA, 25 copies in Europe, and 500 copies in the UK in the month of May. Apple would sent you a $700 payment, and a $350 payment, but no payment for Europe. You would get the Europe money when you've accumulated at least $250 after Apple's 30%. It all gets added on to the next month, until you pass $250.
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    May 7, 2009

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