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Discussion in 'iPod' started by DarkNetworks, Jul 30, 2005.

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    Apr 12, 2005
    Ok, i'm planning on buying an iPod.I'm in the process of saving money for it.I'm a full-time student so i can't work to get extra cash to buy the iPod.All i can do is save, i can't ask my parents to get me one as they just got me an iBook G4.Ok here is it, in 2 weeks time i'll have enough money for an iPod Shuffle.However, i'm not really sure if i should get the iPod Shuffle as it doesn't have a screen and i "heard" you can't pick songs, not too sure about this one.Plus, i'm not really keen in getting the Shuffle.I need some advice from some users out there who has an iPod Shuffle if i should get one or not.I need some details on the difference between the regular iPod and the Shuffle.(My sis plans to get one in the next few weeks so if the Shuffle's not really what she wants she'l probally go for Creative's Zen).Ok btw, my music Library is about 3G at the moment.I'm sure it's not going to fit in an iPod Shuffle but i doubt i'll listen to 3G of songs in a day.However, if i were to get a mini, i'll have to wait for another 3 to 4 months.My last option is i wait another 5 to 6 months and i'll have an iPod Colour.I really like the iPod Colour but it'll take half-a-year which is quite some time and i'm not sure if the iPod Colour is what i really need.Perhaps the mini will just be enough for me.I'm just kinda confused on which iPod should i get.Can someone give me any advice on whether i should get a mini or colour?It's of course the time factor here.
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    to determine which is better for you, you have to take in to account the following things:

    1. how big your library is currently and plans to grow within the next few years
    2. size of actual player
    3. price / feature ratio (more for bigger / color screen, etc)

    In my opinion, waiting out for the full, regular iPod (iPod color as you refer to it) is a better deal. Don't go with the shuffle, it will only satisfy you for a bit. I'm not sure if you know, but iPods count for the student discount, so if you order it online with that discount you get it for $269. However, if you don't have a big library and don't plan on it growing much more than 1000 songs, a mini would be a better value (also note it has 3 hrs more battery life). So here's your basic layout:

    1. iPod mini 4gb, $179 with discount <-second choice if you don't have a lot of songs...
    2. iPod mini 6gb, $229 with discount
    3. iPod 20gb, $269 with discount <-my first choice if you can wait

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