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Feb 1, 2005
I currently have a 12" power book, but I am looking to get a monitor. Does any one know where I can find a cheap flat panel around 17", or a good brand that will work with my computer. I was thinking dell, but would love an apple display, they are just too much money I think. If anyone is selling that would be great too.


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Confused? Do you want cheap, or good?
The Apples will be a good match for the machine.
There are any number of adequate 17" flat panels available - Acer, Samsung, Viewsonic, Benq, others.
Ideally you would get a monitor with a DVI connection rather than VGA. The VGA (analog) only monitors are cheaper.
If you want cheap, then just go and look at monitors at your local PC store or office supply store or discounter.


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Mar 8, 2005
Austin, TX
I don't know what your price range is, and as the first poster said there are many inexpensive brands, but I just bought a Dell 2005fpw 20" widescreen monitor for $436 that has VGA, DVI, Composite, and S-Video inputs, a USB hub, PIP, and can rotate to portrait mode; it compares very favorably (even has the same same lcd panel) with the Apple 20" widescreen for $800. Dell also has a 19" (1905fp I think) for about $300 (with coupons) that has most everything also, and a 17" that you can get for under $250. Just a few of many possibilities...


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May 11, 2004
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i got an avidav (some random brand) from newegg for $175. it's got dvi, decent speakers, very bright, etc. no noticeable dead pixels or anything. the price was after $30 in rebates, btw.