Monitor Arm for Thunderbolt that guaranteed can support it

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Sean Dempsey, Jul 12, 2016.

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    There are a lot of monitor arms out there, but many don't come close to being 100% reliable for a Thunderbolt monitor's 24 lbs. I've read reviews on amazon and looked at specs, and most say either they barely can hold it, or that they can hold it up but the monitor mounting point droops down.

    Is there a bullet proof desk monitor arm that can hold the 24 pounds on both the arm, and the mounting pivot (where the VESA mount connects) without a doubt? I can't find a lot of desk mount arms with clamps that are guaranteed to support it's unusual weight.

    Anyone have experience with an arm that is rated for well past 24 lbs???
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    I can recommend the Herman Miller Flo Plus - I have several in my office with VESA iMacs or heavy Eizo displays mounted and one at my home with a HM laptop mount installed and a resting rMBP on it:

    Zero issues, looks better than most mounts on the market. The only "downside" is they need to be ordered through a reseller - I go through one of my architect supply shops, and I never pay full retail anyway. The Flo Plus is rated to 40 pounds - we've got a few with 30 pounds on them, again, zero issues.
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