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    Could someone calrify which ports are best for connecting a Mac Pro to monitors:

    My Mac Pro has DVI and mDP

    When i plug in the DVI to DVI i see POST and it seems to keep this as the main screen. However when I plug in mDP to DVI in monitor B, it swaps to that being the main screen.

    However when i swap them around so i have mDP to Display port, the monitor A is "the main" but I dont see boot (IE the screen doesnt activate untill you get OSX login)

    Also under display port the picture seems better.

    My confusion is really why Display port is the priority in some cases but DVI always sees the white POST/BOOT screens.

    Here what happened:

    DVI to DVI / mDP to DVI monitor 2 was priority with POST screen.
    DVI by self , one monitor obviously.

    mDP to DP / DVI to DVI. Monitor 1 was priority and better picture but no POST/BOOT screen.

    (Monitor A is 27" and Monitor B is 24")
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