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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by nyzwerewolf, Aug 5, 2009.

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    Hello guys,

    I am a newbie to color correction & Color (app). I have a dual monitor setup (two 24 inch DELL 2408WFP & DELL 2407WFP). These monitors have different color, and I think it is just stupid how Dell manufactures them.

    Anyways, From what I have learned, I know I am not suppose to do perform color correction for videos on any regular LCD monitors. Can you experts suggest me good color correction monitor? Not too expensive. I am not doing any major flim/music video or anything such. This is just a hobby of mine, and I'd like to learn new things as time goes on. Most of my videos are travel videos & I try to make a cinematography out of it. I also shoot landscapes.

    I hope you guys can direct me right.
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    It is not really dells fault all monitors will vary a little from monitor to monitor some companies more then others though. You can buy a color calibrator like the spyder 3 pro ( which I recommend ) to get the colors to match the best they can not to mention it will calibrate them as close as possible to industry standards. There is a problem though that I can see. your 2408WFP monitor is an S-PVA display ( which is not really the best for color accuracy ) and the other panel is even worse ( I think its a TN panel which is pretty much unusable for color accurate work ) Thats why these panels are cheaper then apples panels because they are not as good for color accurate work. But if I was you I would just deal with them and get a spyder 3 pro. The 2408WFP is fairly good and could be used for color accurate work after calibration though it will not be as good as a display with S-IPS such as apples displays. As for the other display ( the TN panel ) I would not do any work on it that required color accuracy.

    EDIT: I may not have understood the question sorry
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    Ideally, if you're using Color, you want to avoid RGB monitoring (a display connected directly to your machine via DVI would be RGB), as delivery formats such as broadcast and DVD are YUV.

    You can do this relatively inexpensively with a Matrox MXO and feed it to one of your existing monitors. Basically, the MXO converts the RGB signal into a more accurate YUV signal, which would be a closer representation to what you would see on a properly calibrated television.

    IIRC, the earlier 2407s had S-IPS panels, whereas as later ones used S-PVA. If your 2407 is an IPS panel, I'd use that one as your grading monitor with the MXO and use the other for your desktop.
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    Dell manufacturers them at a price point that makes them affordable to a wide segment of the population. Like everything else, if you want nicer it will cost you.

    If you have an HDTV laying around you can grab an Intensity card for $200 from Blackmagic and see how well that works.

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    Should I get the Spyder3Elite or Spyder3Pro to get my DELL 2408WFP and 2407WFP Ultrasharp to output the same color?

    What I am planning to do is, get the Spyder3 calibration tool to get the colors fixed and get the Matrox MXO2 Mini to get the 2408 calibrated for color correction.

    How does this sound?

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