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    I currently own an 11 inch macbook air (core i5, 4gb ram), I have only had it for a few weeks and love the portability and speed of the ssd. I personally like the 16:9 widescreen ratio. However some of the time I am sitting at my desk and want a larger screen. I thought about getting an iMac, but it would not be worth it because I don't spend too much time at a desk, I also wanted to keep the portability of the air (I need portability).

    I decided to get a monitor for it, I originally thought about getting a thunderbolt display refurbished ($799), however it seemed expensive for the features and I recon apple will release another display in the coming months. I also considered getting a 24 inch cinema display from a few years back, however it is old and lacks thunderbolt capability. I could get a 3rd party display but would like a thunderbolt display.
    My question is should I get the current thunderbolt display or wait, for what? If apple releases a 5k display, my macbook air will not be able to power it. If apple releases a 5k external display do you think they will also release a non retina one, for the macs that can't support 5k? What do you think that the non retina display will be priced? When will it be released?
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    Apple's long delay in releasing an upgraded TB display (sorely needed for their new MPs) has likely been due to their wait for the DisplayPort 1.3 standard, which was finalized last Sept. Some info on that here. In addition to DP1.3,
    to drive 5K, ThunderBolt3 is required, which won't come until Skylake. (In the retina iMac, Apple can get around this by ignoring the standards and fusing two DisplayPort 1.2 pipes internally with a custom timing controller (TCON). With external displays, they can't). Again, DP1.3 by itself tops out at 4K until TB3, which will be supported by Skylake. So my best guess is that we can finally look forward to 5K upgraded TB displays sometime after the release of Skylake, probably late into the second half of 2015.

    As these new displays are expected to be laminated, such as the latest iMacs, with 5K resolution of course, and at a minimum of the IPS variety, they won't be inexpensive. Will Apple release non-retina upgraded TB displays? Your guess is as good as mine, but there are many lower-priced alternatives that could make for a good match with your new MBA. Good Luck!
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    The next Apple Thunderbolt Display will probably be 5K and maybe they also make a smaller 4K version. But the MBA and even the 13" rMBP do not support 4K. So if you want an Apple Thunderbolt Display you should get the current generation. Or buy another 1080p, 1200p or 1440p monitor (with integrated USB 3.0 hub).
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    A couple years ago I picked up a 23" Cinema Display on Craigslist for $140. Works great with my 2011 MBP. There are deals out there, look around.
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    Good Idea

    I might do that for the 24 inch cinema display because the price is so cheap and it also has the integrated USB hub which is great.

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