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    A couple of months ago, Comcast announced their 250gb monthly bandwidth cap. This didn't really concern me too much at the time, but now I've been watching a lot more streaming content, playing online games, downloading, etc. I'm concerned that I may be coming close to this limit.

    I'd like to keep track of how much I use each month, up and down. I have an AEBS as my primary router, a macbook and a mini. Is there any type of plugin for the AEBS that can track how much goes in and out of it? I DO NOT want to record LAN usage, just basically how much goes in and out of the AEBS's WAN port.
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    The airport does not offer any plug-ins. Comcast should have some sort of meter on their website that shows you bandwidth. For the record, I don't think your going to get anywhere near their bandwidth limit based on what you are describing.
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    Monitor Internet Usage

    Comcast does measure your usage for you if you go to: ---> My Account (log in) --> Users & Settings Tab. In upper right corner click "View Details" of High Speed Internet Data Usage.

    I would like a better tool, if available, to see daily/hourly patterns. For example here is my usage over the past couple months:
    July - 29 GB
    August - 109 GB
    September - 79 GB
    October - 50 GB

    That is rather HUGE variation in usage, yet my pattern of use is rather constant as I do not download anything illegally and only 1-2 songs from iTunes per month.

    PS: 250 GB / month is about 93 KB / sec for the entire month. That is A LOT, yet I somehow feel that if my usage can more than triple from July to August I might somehow reach the limit during a busy month or if we have extended guests...

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