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    I've been researching for a few days now and still am undecided, considering all of the options out there. If anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated.

    An older couple that I am friends with entrusted me with choosing an LED monitor or television for them, and I want to make the best choice. They are not tech savvy at all, and are finally going to get internet service. They want to primarily watch movies, probably with netflix or a dvd or blu ray player, but also want the option of using the monitor/tv as an external computer monitor connected to their laptop, a 17" Macbook pro, an older one I think, it has the full size DVI port on it. They want to mount it on the wall about 6 feet from the side of their bed, or put it on a tv stand at the foot of their bed. They are insistent that it should be an LED, they want it to be energy efficient. If it's a TV, I think 1080 p would be best. I want them to have a great picture when they watch movies.

    They really want something around 27", although they might consider 32". At first they wanted a television, but then the husband ordered a 27" Samsung monitor, the S27A550H, at $330.

    We returned the monitor because the person whom I spoke to at Samsung said the drivers even by download were not compatible with Macs, and they do not guarantee the monitor to not have problems with Macs, and from reading accounts online, it seemed like Mac users were experiencing bugs with it. I didn't want them to be pulling their hair out over it. The reviews also spoke of the base being very flimsy and not adjustable to an angle pointing down. The couple has a big energetic lab with a tail that whacks everything, I think a stable product would be good, and the wife is recuperating from two broken legs, so I want something that is pretty adjustable/and or has good viewing angles so she doesn't have to move all over the place to watch comfortably.

    From what I understand, TV's, even hi-def ones will have a lower resolution that monitors, but a movie itself won't have more information contained in it than would be shown in a 1080p TV, so not more than 1080p is necessary for just movie watching, but would be lacking for computer use. Is this correct? Would getting a monitor be more versatile, allowing them to watch movies and possibly use it for the computer? Would there be a drawback to using a monitor instead of a TV, mounted 6ft away to watch movies? Do televisions have better viewing angles than monitors in general?

    Then there is screen aspect ratio, of which I don't understanding yet. Also, what if they want to watch 3D?

    Here are some of the products I've been considering:

    Sharp LC-26SV490U 26" LED TV 1080p $249 free shipping. This seems like the only 26" TV I could find that was 1080p. The reviews were consistent in saying the speakers were inadequate, but it's price would probably allow getting some decent computer speakers, which I think they would probably want with any monitor, since movies watching is their primary activity. Would a 27" monitor at this price if there is one, be a better choice?

    Viewsonic VP2765-LED 27-Inch Wide AMVA LED Monitor $522, free shipping on Amazon.
    I chose this because I had read online to not get a monitor with a TN panel, and this was cheaper than an IPS at this size. It is advertised as having good viewing angles and a stable base. I'm wondering if there are more inexpensive monitors at this size that are Mac friendly and would serve my friends well.

    Samsung - 32" Class / LED / 1080p / 60Hz / HDTV $699, but I believe it was a bit cheaper at the local BB. Of all the TV's I checked out at Best Buy yesterday, this one and the Sony's picture stood out to me. I don't have the info for the Sony, but it was around $550, 1080p/60hz. Will the difference between 60hz-120hz make a difference for movie viewing?

    Then there's this Sony Google TV, is this a gimmick or something that would be helpful to a non tech-savvy couple? $500

    Optimally, I would like to save them money, around $350 would be great, but they are open to spending up to around $600.

    Thanks for reading all of this! Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated.
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