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Jan 18, 2014
I have searched and read information about monitors on here, but wanted to ask some questions/

I have an early 2015 13 MacBook pro

What monitor would be good for this to keep the high resolution quality that is on the laptop, but isn't overboard? I don't need anything like 4-5k, but still want a good resolution. Ideal budget would be anything less than 300-500 range.

Recently have been using the iMacs at the library (21.5 inch) and this seems like a nice size. Im in college getting my masters and often use my laptop for research, but when I have been doing it at the library, the screen makes it so much easier, so I fooled around with the idea of using a monitor to attach to my MacBook to get that extra screen space, but still have the portable factor when I go other places.

I know LG and dell seems to be big brands here. I just wanted advice because the math/technology factor when connecting to other monitors confuses the hell out of me. I don't play games on it but do watch movies every now and then.

Thank you all in advance.


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Feb 20, 2009
Get a 27" 4k display.

If that's too much money, I'd look for a 27" with 1440p resolution.