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    Aug 10, 2009
    Southern Illinois
    There has been a lot of Talk about higher end monitors over in the MACPRO forum and some suggested laying that out here!

    I am in the market for a 30 INCH LCD IPS and am leaning towards the Dell Ultrasharp 30inch. I am an animator and use post edit a lot as well.

    I am gunna buy a new MAC PRO !@ core with 64 gb ram a 254gb SSD this week with the video card that comes with a 5770 1 gb.

    I have seen the apple 27 inch and have used one in the near past and that gloss shine makes me sick..

    ALSO I have read 100s of reviews on the DELL 3011 and almost all of them are 5 star. BUT most of them have a NOTED CAVIOT! Most say at all costs buy direct from DELL becasue if you DO have an ISSUE with it we will receive little to NO help from customer service for buying from a retailer... ONE actually said "DELL WILL PUNISH you for NOT buying from them!"

    Buying the dell direct is almost $500 MORE than one from AMAZON! NOW I could see $100-$150 diff to get great customer service from DELL BUT at ALMOST 50% MORE to get direct from DELL! MY GOD! :mad:
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    Jun 26, 2002
    My bread and butter apps are Maya and After Effects.
    I also have to deal with DIT work and then put on a few hats like Avid/FCPX/Resolve/Pro Tools.
    I swear by the Apple Cinema 30s.
    We have 7 left :(
    Three just died last winter.
    Its hard to find them.
    My fave replacement to date are Dells U2711 27" displays.
    We have 2 for my Maya workstations shared using a Gefen DualLink DVI switcher.
    My only beef with them is the input source selector is digital and too damn slow for animators brain waves :p
    I would have loved to get the 30's but we didnt have enough dead Cinemas to justify it.
    Of note, we also have two 27's Apple glare craps.
    hate em and gave them to the new guy :)

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