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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by therealseebs, Nov 5, 2016.

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    So my 30" monitor is getting old, and I'm starting to realize it may be time to replace it. It's an HP ZR30w, and overall I like it a lot, but the display is starting to show some patches of inconsistent lighting in various areas. I've had it for... a bit over four years, so I guess that's not unthinkable.

    Right now, I'm using a 2560x1600 30" monitor. And that's a pretty high pixel density, even at 30", with the result that a lot of text is VERY SMALL. Uncomfortably so. And at least in some apps, there's no practical way to fix this. (I spent several hours once studying Adium's code trying to make the outgoing-typing box show text larger without also sending enormous text to other people. It turns out to be effectively impossible, I guess, and none of the Adium people had any idea how such a thing could be done.) And things like TinkerTool can change system fonts, but that just breaks a lot of UI elements in some apps.

    So... On the one hand, 4k sounds neat. On the other hand, it sounds completely illegible. And I assume that there's some kind of high-DPI fixup, like using scaled displays on the Retina, but I basically hate the scaled displays; at anything other than exactly 2:1, they always look fuzzy to me, and at 2:1, I feel like I'm trying to use a Mac SE again, because I've lost all my screen real estate.

    So... What are options like? What are people using? Back when I got this monitor, HDMI wasn't even one of its features, and nothing I've got that old can do >1920x1080 over HDMI. I assume that HDMI will work for higher resolutions now... Which would totally matter if the new machine had an HDMI port. :p

    I would very much prefer 16:10 to 16:9, but I recognize that I may be in the minority on that these days.

    In general, I would not want something with significantly smaller pixels than this unless it'll be somehow magically enhanced to make it readable, and I don't really want non-integer scaling involved.
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    The LG 5k that Apple is selling is the same effective resolution as the 27" Thunderbolt Display. And yes, it uses the retina scaling. Nobody's seen one of course, but it is the obvious choice given the price and connectivity.
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    So, the 27" thunderbolt is a 2560x1440. The 5k is apparently 5120x2880, so that'd be a 2:1 ratio exactly, which would be sorta neat, I guess? Hmm. It has "USB-C" ports. Can I use one of those with the TB3->TB2 thunderbolt adapter? I need a bunch of USB3 type-A ports and an Ethernet port, so I was going to be using my TB2 dock.

    I'm not super thrilled about downgrading to 10% less vertical space and a smaller display.

    Also, matte, glossy, or what? I can't find anything concrete on this.

    EDIT: Also, that monitor has ONLY thunderbolt 3, which I think disqualifies it. I don't want a monitor that I can never use with anything else. I want an actual functional monitor which has a couple of connectors. I'd rather have a 2560x1600 with displayport.

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