Monitor's native resolution is not an option in the display preference

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    Nov 17, 2008
    I've got two ViewSonic monitors hooked up to my G5 at work. Yesterday they were working fine. I rearranged my office and so unplugged both monitors. I only moved the desk about a foot, and it's on casters, so I don't think there was any physical damage to the monitor. However, when I hooked them back up, only one of them worked. I switched the cables. One hooks up to the DVI port and the other to a port called D-SUB (sorry, I don't know what that is). The one hooked up through the DVI works fine, but the other keeps flashing a message telling me "for best picture quality change resolution to 1680x1050" but when I open the display preferences, 1680x1050 is not one of the options. I've tried restarting. I don't know if there's a preference file corrupted, but I wouldn't know which one it is. I think it's weird that one monitor works fine but the other doesn't. The second monitor doesn't work at all (I get a 'no signal") message when it's hooked up through the DVI port.
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    D-SUB is another term for VGA. As for your monitor issue, I suspect a loose cable somewhere. Check your connections, especially any adapters you're using.
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    For the monitor connected via the VGA port, you might want to dig out the CD that came with the monitor or visit their website. Viewsonic supply Mac drivers that need to be installed for some monitors (like my 19") to support the monitor's native resolution when using VGA (they're not needed for the DVI connection). Don't ask me why they need drivers, but some appear to do so.

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