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    I have recently installed the monitor span hack on my iBook and tested it out with my lovely 19" TFT at work.... Sadly the 19" TFT is not mine to take home, so I need recomendations on quality monitors for under 400 UK Pounds...

    I would like a rez of 1280x1024 and the size needs to be 17" or above. It would be preferable if the external look of the monitor fits with the iBook, or at the very least is quite stylish.... beige monitors need not apply, white would be ideal (That sounds terribly racist! :D ). Also I don't want any speakers built into the monitor as they always suck and just make the unit bigger, like it has ears or something..... I am not having a go at people with big ears here, nothing seems to come out right today :confused: !

    Any of you guys got any recomendations?
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    Jul 22, 2002
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    if you're not insistent upon an lcd display, you can certainly come into some very exceptional apple monitors for next to nothing nowadays. i recently purchased a beautiful 21" bondi blue crt monitor (matches the first imac and colorful g3's) for USD$175 to complement an existing 17" blue monitor in my music rig, which consists of other colorful gear. those 21's were $1250 new, and that's less than 3 years ago if you're talking about the grey (not blue) ones! try ebay.

    it sounds as though brassy color like bondi blue is probably not your thing, so you might look for one of those cool, "philco-looking" last-generation 17" crt's that apple made with the clear case. i don't think i've ever seen anything quite as nifty as that. now, if only they'd offered 21" models in that package configuration...

    happy hunting,


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