Moore's Law: Beyound the first law of computing

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    The WSJ also has an article about the limitations of Moore's Law which is behind a paywall.

    Key points include:

    Intel 4004 in 1970's had 2300 transistors
    Intel Core i5 2015 has 1.3 billion transistors
    Intel Specialized chip late 1025 8 billion transistors

    Issues include cost and reliability.

    A 65 nanometer chip in 2005 cost 16.4 million to design
    A 14 nanometer chip in 2014 costs 131.6 million to design

    Micron's Chief Executive thinks that at some point improvements will only be cost effective [my interpretation] for smaller and smaller markets.

    NAND chip makes are worried that reliability will suffer and have stopped shrinking transistors and are moving to stacking technologies.

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