Mophie Juice Pack Air and Micro USB Cable

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by ewiley28, May 22, 2009.

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    I received my Juice Pack Air and I'm generally impressed. It allows me to get more than 8 hours of constant use of my phone including data intensive things. It is much smaller than a different battery/case I looked at in the Apple Store and I can still slide it in and out of my back pocket. I really miss the neoprene nature of my iSkin case and am not comfortable with the front being flush, but I'm guessing I'll get used to it. I haven't seen significant interference with my reception yet either, but by the nature of the thing, I'm almost certain there is some.

    My issue is charging the thing. When my phone is inside the case, charging it requires a micro-USB cable rather than the 30-pin charger. The case came with one, but I'm accustomed to charging my phone in the car and at work as well, so I want to order additional cables. I found a listing for the cable on the Mophie site,, but it is backordered (and I don't think I need to get a cable from them anyway).

    My question is: which micro-USB is this? It looks like there are plug types A, B, and AB. Can someone tell me which kind this is so I make sure I order the right ones?

    THanks for your help!
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    I have a regular mophie thats not the air, but the micro USB is another set standard away from the mini usb that is used for blackberry phones and cameras. But the there is a type A and type b for each of the regular, mini and Micro USB. You can use ether the type a or b for only the Micro USB . But they are NOT compatible between each other of the regular, Mini and micro USB heads. But Type A and B, should be compatible between each other for micro USb. you can buy any standard USB regular, mini, micro from ebay to Charge. The ones from mophie allow you to sync. Thats the difference

    I hope that helps. try to find devices that are Mini USB, they are MUCH more common and easier to find. Micro, is less common, acutally i dont even know which devices use micro USB.

    I really hate the idea that mophie is using another standard for their Products.

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    usb micro cable

    Amazon is currently selling a "Nokia CA-101 Micro USB Data Cable"
    at £1.75. Free P+P/
    I have ordered three, amazing quality because they are genuine Nokia and they work with the Mophie.

    Hope this is helpful
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    We better get used to micro usb as it is about to become the worlds universal mobile phone charging interface...IIRC the EU has adopted it already for all cell phone chargers (including Apple) and it is heading towards the USA...

    I too have the Mophie Juice Pack Air (which I love) with micro usb charging cable and will purchase a few extra...thanks for the tips on where to purchase...
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    Well, my consumer experience in the UK keeps getting more and more bizarre. I went to our local computer store to ask for a micro USB cable and they were clueless. Undaunted, I went to Carphone Warehouse, against my better judgment due to past experience, and asked if they carried the micro USB cables. They too were clueless. Then I remembered that on the web these cables are often brand-named, so I asked for a 'Backberry USB data cable'. Ten seconds later they handed me a spare cable from a Blackberry insurance replacement phone. For free - because there was no part number in their computer for it (I offered to pay £2, which was the cheapest I could find online but their computer system couldn't cope with it). It works fine.

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