Mophie Juice Pack Air IPhone 5

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by VANCIN, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. VANCIN macrumors newbie

    Oct 8, 2012
    Los Angeles, CA
    Did anyone order the Air? I ordered it and I hope it will ship soon before my trip to the east coast.
  2. TC25 macrumors 68020

    Mar 28, 2011
    Reading the thread titles before posting is a common courtesy.

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  3. boltjames macrumors 601


    May 2, 2010
    FedEx arrived today with my Mophie juice pack air and I couldn't be happier. Fits great, great build quality.

    The relocation of the sound to front firing speaker ports is a huge win, the sound is much louder and people can hear me speak much clearer. Nice bonus.


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