Mophie Workbook Folio & Incipio Feather Nice Combination

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by 3goldens, Nov 26, 2010.

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    I just received the Mophie Workbook Folio as a gift and tried it in combination with my Icipio Feather, which as most know is very similar to the Switch Easy, Nude cases, and it fits like a charm.

    I do like to use the iPad with out the leather case sometimes but with the incipio feather all the time after a ding or two, I decided to get one of these, great product!

    These two products are really a nice combination for those who like to have both the protection against dings and dents that seem to come so easily, on the backside of their iPads and those who like to have a cover, sleeve for overall protection, but also like to use without a cover.

    The iPad slips in and out of the Mophie workbook nicely, without much effort at all. The Mophie has a little bit of a unique design as it uses a velcro system to adjust the viewing angle, and it can be adjusted to pretty much any angle you want. It uses a rubber band to keep it closed which I thought I would not like at all but after using it a while don't mind it all. I think Mophie has turned out one very nice product here and highly recommend in combination with the Incipio feather.

    I also tried it with the YOOBAO leather case that is similar to the Apple case and found it to be a much tighter fit, more of a struggle to get it in and out, which if your in a hurry will not be as accessible and therefore you wont be inclined to use it that way as much.

    The Mophie is the way to go and I just got an email from them about their sale that includes free shipping so for $44.95 you can't go wrong here if your looking for something like this!
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    hi 3goldens, it will be great if you can post some pictures when the ipad is in multi-angle viewing mode. cant seem to find a proper review online. TIA!

    Edit: my apology. there's a quick review on it at ilounge. :D

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