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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Bruce4042, Apr 30, 2014.

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    So I have 2 of the G model Airport Express G (Model A1084 firmware v6.3) units that I have been using to stream iTunes music in my house. This has worked fine for more than a year, ( I can't remember the last time I had to muck with them ). In the process of changing internet providers I upgraded my primary Router (Linksys WRT1900 which shouldn't matter) but in order to reconfigure the AEs to the new SSID I had changed to I did a hard reset and plugged in an Ethernet cable and ran the Mac Airport Utility (v5.6.1). To make a long story short I am unable to join any existing network even one created by the other 1st gen AE even without security. When I try this it saves the changes reboots the AE and then fails to find the AE, even though I an still plugged in to it with an Ethernet cable, in the config utility leaving me to do another hard reset so that I can try again. I know these are old units but they used to work fine, and I was wondering if anyone is able to join any network with a Model A1084 G only AE using current tools and firmware.
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    remember that when you set these AE to "join a wireless network", the Ethernet port is disabled, therefore you can't see them through the Ethernet cable.

    When you hard reset them, the are set up to "create a wireless network" by default and are reachable through the Ethernet port.
    However, as soon as you apply the change to "join a wireless network", they become no longer visible through their Ethernet port.

    Once they are wirelessly connected to your wifi network, they will show up in Airport Utility (assuming your Mac is connected to the same network).

    Also these AE are b/g only, so make sure your new router is not wifi "n" only.
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    No, I have not been able to ever see them from any of the wireless networks I have tried. I have tried turning security off, setting the router for g only, connecting to an older router that I have seem work in the past, and connecting to the g network produced by the other airport. None of that works for me. I don't remember the Ethernet becoming disabled after a network join in the past but that doesn't really matter as I can never see them on any of the wireless attempts I have tried. I was hoping to find someone who has made this work with the current firmware and tools but in truth I don't think it works anymore. I am surprised that I am unable to find an answer anywhere online one way or the other.
    Thanks for you input
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    Try resetting with the paperclip in the reset hole and plugging it in. Then configure it to join the network in AU.

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