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Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by dgiglio3087, Feb 9, 2012.

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    So last night I updated my software after being prompted to due so by the update notification system. Then it completes the update and restarts only to get stuck in the stupid apple spinning gear screen. I've had to restore my system about 4 times in less than a year! And I've only had this MBP for about 10 months! The problems have all come after updating to lion , it's VERY frustrating. Ive been a loyal apple owner since the iPhone 3G but I can't keep restoring my system, I keep losing data , not a lot but just enough to piss me off! I tried resetting pram booting in safe mode , and ran the hardware check with no luck. Last week I went into the apple store only to be told I was crazy and there's nothing wrong. Of course it's not going to do in the apple store. I'm very close to throw this pos out the window. If you have any idea what this is let me know PLEASE? Or if your someone having to restore your lion system more than once a year, let me know that way I can just reinstall snow leopard and be done with this stupid problem
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    So I take it no one else is having these kinds of problems
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    IF I understand your timeline, your MBP was bought before Lion was released? If so, then yes you can go back to Snow Leopard. There are a number of posters who have done that.

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