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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Tomb01, Oct 23, 2012.

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    I have an early 2011 17" MBP on Applecare. It has a couple of issues. One is a spot on the space bar where the dark cover seems to have rubbed off. The other is a sporadic system hang when using the thunderbolt port. So two questions. Do you think the space bar is considered a defect repairable under Apple Care?

    The other question is, I have a second drive in the system, replacing the DVD. Not sure if the Apple Care agreement cares about that or not, but to get the thunderbolt issue evaluated I have been told I have to replace the DVD drive. Is that correct?

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    AppleCare doesn't cover wear or damage from use, so it's doubtful they will cover the space bar issue. As for the TB port, it sounds more like a software issue. Yes, replacing the optical drive does void the warranty/AppleCare, so it's wise to put the optical drive back before taking it in for any service. However, you shouldn't have high hopes that either issue will be covered by AppleCare. It never hurts to ask, though, as they sometimes make exceptions.

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