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Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Zwhaler, Oct 13, 2009.

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    A buddy of mine who works at Verizon casually mentioned to me this evening that his company is in talks with Apple to offer a product sometime next year. He claimed that it is likely not an Verizon iPhone equivalent but rather another product entirely (tablet!). Also, he claimed that there is a high likelyhood that it will have the hardware capability to run on Verizon's upcoming 4G data network, on which he was briefed. Him being just a regional manager with access to this information indicates that Apple isn't trying too hard to keep this partnership under wraps. However, I wouldn't expect any of these guys to have any product info. But this is revealing in itself - we should expect to see an announcement from Apple early next year. The cats out of the bag!
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    why would regional managers not get that info?
    knowing the status of the regional network is probably important to a person holding that position. Especially when controlling resources and access to the towers comes into play.
    Verizon has much better coverage than ATT. That will become evident when the announcement in late January/early February is made more public.

    Verizon seems to be extremely active in the South East region. Seems like a prime testing ground since ATT coverage is horrible
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    Well, regardless of your opinion, I was told that he had to prep one of his flagship stores for a "visit from a high ranking Verizon representative, also an friend" who then was going to meet with an Apple rep in Santa Clara. Really, I see no reason why a regional manager wouldn't have access to the mere fact that one his his employee friends was going to meet with someone from Apple. This really isn't that controversial. Of course he doesn't have information on what they were discussing... but I never claimed to know what they were discussing besides, obviously, a potential product offering and/or partnership - which is only logical to assume.

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